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About Us


Green Mountain Window Inc. has been manufacturing and distributing quality wood windows since 1993.

At our state of the art facility in Vermont, we manufacture our Green Mountain Standard Series, the new Milestone Series window and energy efficient insulated glass.

Our mission is to combine the traditional / historic detail distinct to the Northeast with the energy performance demanded by our unique climate.

Our in-house manufacturing process includes state of the art warm edge insulated glass technology.

To best serve the Northeast market we offer many standard options such as the pediment head, thick sill, energy star rating and 5/8 wide muntin.

Ask a competitor for these features and you will find their price for these options alone will be more than our entire window.

This combination of quality and value is the Green Mountain Window advantage.

If you are interested in purchasing any of our products please click here to locate a distributor near you.

If you would like to become a Green Mountain Window distributor call (802) 747-6915 or email us here.


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