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The Green Mountain Window Classic Series


 Built in New England ... for New England


Green Mountain Window vs. The Competition.....



GMW  Classic Series Features Other Manufacturers The GMW Advantage
11/16” Low E Argon filled glass with warm-edge spacer *
Full unit u-value = .35 (regular insulated glass also available)

5/8 or less insulated glass with inefficient aluminum spacer

Lower heating and cooling costs, less likely to have condensation problems.
20 year glass warranty Many are 10 years or less. Longer lasting seals and glass.
Exterior clad with poly grafted coating * Just primed or clad with aluminum. Much better protection. Will not scratch or pit like aluminum.
Mortised, tenoned, and pinned corners

Many are lap-jointed which makes them less durable.

More solid. More structural integrity.
Beveled side rails Many are square. Bevel matches jamb liner and cuts down on air infiltration. Easier tilting.
Coped edge around glass Square edge. Better aesthetics with coped edge.
Wide bottom rail Narrow rails and stiles. A more traditional appearance.
Heavy gauge extruded vinyl clad frame * Primed, painted or aluminum. Better protection from scratches and exposure. Will not pit or flake.
One piece integral nail fin * Slide-on two piece unit. Better seal around window, less air infiltration, easier installation.
White block and tackle tilt in balances

Many use springs, and some do not allow the sash to tilt in.

Quieter operation. Longer lasting. Much easier to wash windows.
Removable sill stop for stool cap

Many require reworking side stops for stool application.

Traditional appearance. Not the "picture framed" look.
7/8" wide wood colonial profile comes standard
Many other styles available (Not Pictured)
Many are just square bars. Traditional colonial replication.
5/8", 7/8" or 1 1/4" simulated divided lite available
Authentic interior and exterior profiles, assorted lite patterns
Many do not offer. The most traditional look available with insulated glass.

* Clad window only (Prime window has 1/2" glass with wood glazing bead or 11/16" glass with vinyl glazing bead)

One piece integral nail fin. 5/4 x 4 applied casing also available.

Standard brick mold casing
5/4 x 4 & 5/4 x 6 also available. **

11/16” low e argon filled glass with warm edge spacer.

Tilt in window makes for easy cleaning. **

Exterior frame clad with heavy gauge extruded vinyl.

White block-and tackle

Mortised, tenoned and pinned corners provide superior strength. **

Beveled side rails. **

Wide bottom rails. **.

Removable sill stop for stool cap. **

  Exterior View  

Vinyl Clad

Primed Wood

** Same features on Clad and Primed windows.

NFRC Certified


Performance Rating

Res Non-Res Res Non-Res Res Non-Res Res Non-Res
Clad or Prime Exterior 11/16” Clear Insulated .495 .495 2.02 2.02 .55 .55 .57 .59 DP30
11/16” Low E / Argon .35 .34 2.86 2.94 .47 .48 .53 .55 X X DP30

Prime Exterior Only

1/2” Clear Insulated .54 .54 1.85 1.85 .55 .55 .57 .59 DP30
1/2” Low E / Argon  .41  .40  2.44 2.50  .47 .48 .53 .55 X   DP30
1/2” Low E / Krypton  .35 .34  2.86 2.94  .47 .48 .53 .55 X X DP30
† ENERGY STAR compliant for northern and central regions
  A product so good it is Energy Star rated *
  The Green Mountain Window exceeds the current industry standard of measuring thermal performance, called "resistance to thermal transfer". Why? Because our windows are actually a source of energy! The US Department of Energy has awarded Green Mountain Windows its ENERGY STAR Certification because our windows are so energy efficient. In a single day, our high tech glass can contribute up to 2 1/2 times more heat into your home than it allows to escape. In fact, it is estimated that for every Green Mountain Window installed in your home instead of regular insulated glass, you will save about 12.5 gallons of oil each heating season. In the summer, our insulated glass can reduce heat entry by 36%**.
  Designed for extreme New England climate

" Our house is less than 50 yards from the Atlantic Ocean and window selection for our renovation was critical. Over the years, our Green Mountain Windows have met all our expectations and more. You’ve created a great product that stands out above the rest for quality and value."

Brady Schofield-Newport, RI

  The Green Mountain Window product line was specifically designed to withstand the weather extremes of New England. Our windows are manufactured in Vermont and utilize the finest materials and technologies available in the industry today. The Green Mountain Window has been tested by an independent laboratory and found to be thermally superior to most windows marketed in New England. Our windows will help lower heating and cooling costs, eliminate moisture condensation, and protect furniture and carpeting from damaging UV rays. Our windows give you the convenience of a modern tilt-in sash with a traditional New England appearance.
  Construction is the key to eliminating interior condensation
  The Green Mountain Window is constructed with low-emissivity, argon gas filled, insulating glass, 11/16" thick on the clad unit -- one key to its superior insulating qualities. Add to that a warm edge spacer system, and you now have a thermal barrier which keeps the inner surface of your window closer to the inside room temperature. The closer the inside surface of the window is to room temperature, the warmer your home will be. Condensation is also less likely to form. Add to this a design that guards against air infiltration, and you will find your whole window area warmer in the winter.
  The Green Mountain Window is NFRC certified
"The fine craftsmanship and Yankee ingenuity Green Mountain Window has demonstrated in their products has saved us hundreds of man-hours over the use of competitive clad units. It takes a team to succeed in this business, and it is a pleasure to have you as part of our team."

Stephen Desmaris, President
Desmaris Construction
Milford, NH
  The Green Mountain Window has been tested by an independent laboratory and has been NFRC Certified. This gives you the security of knowing you are purchasing a tested, reliable product that surpasses most other windows on the market in terms of thermal efficiency and air infiltration -- the two most important qualities for a window in New England. Our DP30 rating means that Green Mountain Windows will even stand up to tough commercial applications.

* Products using 11/16" Low E / Argon or 1/2" Low E / Krypton glass meet ENERGY STAR criteria for Northern and Central Regions. Look for the ENERGY STAR label on qualified products - see table on page 2.
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