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Tradition & Technology

  Why Homeowners, Architects and Builders who appreciate traditional detail choose Green Mountain Window . . .  
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  Founded in 1993, the Green Mountain Window & Door Company integrates the latest technology with good old-fashioned Yankee craftsmanship. At our plant in Rutland, Vermont we tailor our product to your needs by controlling the entire manufacturing process. We manufacture our own high performance insulating glass. We apply primer and paint using the Cabot Factory Finish System in our paint department. And we hand assemble and sand each window in our production department. Additionally, we use SFI-certified pine and FSC-certified mahogany to help assure the longevity of our natural resources.  
  Double Hung Windows : Classic and Milestone Series
When we say "Made in the Northeast for the Northeast" we mean that there is a Green Mountain window to suit the needs of everyone who wishes to increase their energy efficiency and look good doing it. To deliver on this promise Green Mountain Window and Door offers two quality product lines from which to choose.

Our high end Milestone line sets the standard for maximum thermal performance and adherence to traditional detail. Rated among or above the best in the industry for air infiltration, the Milestone window is second to none in preserving your interior climate and withstanding the outside elements. Defining aesthetic features such as a concealed block-and-tackle balance system and a hidden tilt-in latch system, authentic traditional details such as wide rails and narrow muntins, and a wide array of decorative options put this premium double hung window miles ahead of its competition.

Our original Classic line stands out as one of the best values in the industry. Available with either wood or vinyl clad framing, the Classic double hung window line offers a number of advantages over other manufacturers' products. Mortised, tenoned, and pinned corner joints contribute to superior structural integrity; block-and-tackle tilt-in balances provide added durability and smooth operation. Add to the list a variety of traditional colonial features and options and you've got the perfect fit for the fiscally prudent Northeasterner who refuses to compromise on quality..
  Green Mountain Windows are manufactured using the finest materials and technologies available in the industry today. Our windows have been certified as thermally superior to most windows marketed in the Northeast. They will help lower heating and cooling costs, virtually eliminate moisture condensation, and protect furniture and carpeting from damaging UV rays. Our windows afford the convenience of a modern tilt-in sash with the traditional look of New England.

Thermal Barrier Protection
All Green Mountain windows can be constructed with low-emissivity, argon or krypton gas filled, insulating glass. Add to that a warm edge spacer system and you have a thermal barrier that keeps the inner surface of your window closer to the inside room temperature, thus keeping your home warmer in winter, cooler in summer.

Energy Star Rated
With the appropriate glazing, Green Mountain windows exceed current industry "resistance to thermal transfer" standards for measuring thermal performance. Why? Because our windows are actually a source of energy. The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded Green Mountain Windows its ENERGY STAR Certification because our windows are so energy efficient. In a single day our high tech glass can contribute up to 2 1/2 times more heat into a home than it allows to escape. In fact, it is estimated that for every Green Mountain window installed vs. regular insulated glass, a savings of about 12.5 gallons of oil can be realized each heating season.

NFRC Certified
The Green Mountain window has been tested by an independent laboratory and has been NFRC Certified. This gives you the security of knowing you are purchasing a tested, reliable product that surpasses most other windows on the market in terms of thermal efficiency and air infiltration -- the two most important qualities for a window in the Northeast.
  Casement and Awning Windows

Our casement and awning windows are built with the same craftsmanship and attention to detail that set Green Mountain double hung windows above the competition.

When designing the Milestone casement and awning we were looking for features that would clearly distinguish it from anything else in the marketplace, just as we had done with the Milestone Double Hung when we developed the completely concealed balance system. We followed the same logic; eliminate or conceal all of the "modern" components that detract from the look and functionality of the window. We developed a wood surround screen that swings in and can be painted or stained to match the window. And we eliminated the crank mechanism used on most modern windows and replaced it with a historic push-out lever controlled by a friction hinge.

Our Classic series is similar to casements and awnings more commonly found in the industry; it has an interior screen with an aluminum surround and a roto-crank operator. However, we still offer an array options that help make the Classic series meet the aesthetic and budget requirement of any quality project.

While inspired by historic detail, what really sets these doors apart are the options. You simply won't find another door manufacturer focused enough on the Northeast to offer options like wood sills, 5/8" muntins, or sand-cast bronze hardware. Virtually any set up is possible, whether it is single swing, true French, patio or slider. We offer both full glass and glass with raised panel designs. And, most importantly, all of the casing, divided light and hardware finishes on your doors will match your Green Mountain windows.

  Historic Renovation  
  Both our sash & balance replacement unit and full framed window remain unmatched for historic applications. Major manufacturers simply do not offer the historic options above. Our windows can be found in a multitude of buildings on the historic register, including the home to the left.
We have been approved by the historic preservation division of the national park service for installations meeting federal tax credit standards. The building above and the building to the right are examples. (Above with replacement windows and to the right with full windows.)  

Commercial Buildings

When Vermont's most well known hotel decided to add on to its 1769 facade they chose Green Mountain Window.
  Adding style to banks, schools, retail stores, and hotels is our specialty.

Traditional Homes

  While we could fill volumes with photos of traditional homes here is a sampling of a few different styles.



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